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Did you know that 85% of business success is judged by your company's people skills? Discriminating professionals know that courtesy and protocol (etiquette) does not happen by accident. Those who have it, don't flaunt it or talk about it, they just do it! Business Etiquette.Biz offers programs tailored to your needs. We will help you foster great people relationships and likability- and help you set the professional standard for your industry.

Whether you are a new graduate in need of business etiquette training or a small business owner, professional, or CEO seeking to take your company to the next level, Business Etiquette.Biz will help you build a top performing team. We will teach you vital new skills to increase your market share, maximize customer service, and heighten employee satisfaction. Because we are the foremost authority on business etiquette and protocol, Business Etiquette.Biz will give your company the real competitive EDGE.

We are experienced Trainers /Consultants in Corporate/Business Etiquette, International Business Etiquette, Graduate Business Training

Top Notch Training to Insure Growth and Professionalism in a Universally High-Tech,
Multi-Cultural and Multi-Generational Work Environment

Leverage your Success with Business Etiquette. Biz as your only Business Etiquette Consultants

  • Do you project an aura of success and competence to "high end" clients? Have you lost customers because of lack of credibility and/or poor customer service skills?
  • Does your office staff reflect your values with top notch people skills, accountability and professionalism?
  • Does your company have international business relations with multi-cultural clients and are they trained to relate to them professionally, socially and culturally?
  • Are you a college or university who wants your students/graduates to have a competitive business etiquette edge?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you need us NOW!

  • High Profile Executives - Establish a corporate culture of credibility
  • Managers in Supervisory Positions - Create a positive work environment and minimize turnover
  • Sales and Marketers - Build credible long lasting relationships and increase company profitability
  • Financial Advisors and Lawyers - Bridge communication skills with polish and social graces
  • Employees with Potential - Fine-tune etiquette skills and help them to move up the leadership ladder
  • Professionals - Improve etiquette office skills to directly and positively impact the quality of customer care
  • New Hires - Empower new hires to reflect your company's high standards and values

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